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No. 1 Home Tuition In Malaysia

SifuTutor 1-to-1 Home Tuition is trusted by more than 5,000 parents to help their children excel in their academics - Suitable for all UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE and University students

Why SifuTutor?

SifuTutor is the largest home tuition company in Malaysia. More than 5,000 parents and students throughout Malaysia have benefited from SifuTutor since 2017.

Expert And Experienced Tutors

We guarantee that each tutor is an expert and has extensive experience in the subjects taught. They will help students even outside of class time.

Student Performance Report

SifuTutor uses a proper system to monitor the performance of both tutors and students. Parents will be given a report on their children's performance every 3 months for evaluation.

Tuition From Home Is More Effective

SifuTutor has more than 3,000 trained and experienced tutors from a variety of backgrounds. Among them are teachers, professionals, Master and PhD students.

Flexible Class Schedule

Students are free to schedule classes according to their convenience.

Student Analysis

Tutors will plan and teach according to the student’s level of understanding.

1 Tutor 1 Student

Students will get 100% attention from the tutor at all times.

Study At Home

Students are able to study at their own comfort & conducive environment helps to maintain their focus.

Boost Confidence

Learning with home tuition gives weak and shy students much needed confidence to ask questions and freedom to share their thoughts.

9 Out of 10 Students Get Excellent Results

Suitable for all students who are weak or who want to improve their academic performance either at the UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE and University levels.

The Story of Puan Linda's Son Who Was Left Behind In School

A person who is very busy and unable to give attention to his son who is left behind in the subject of Mathematics.

UPSR exam was about to take place. She needs someone who can give full focus to help her son in the subject. She decided to try 1-on-1 Home Tuition SifuTutor.

Hence, her son’s mathematic result is improving. From D to C and finally got a B during the UPSR math exam!


What Other Parents Say

Puan Farah

Elis recently got 100% marks in Maths and 95% for Accounts. She was the only one who scores full marks in class. I can see that home tuition has sparked her passion for learning. Alhamdulillah, thanks to SifuTutor for giving guidance!

Puan Azurahani

I can see my daughter, Adlina, has improved a lot. In the past, Adlina's always failed in Maths subject. Now, she is able to get a B. Thank you SIfuTutor for teaching my daughter.

Dr. Azlina

Good communication between teacher and student, easy to understand the way explanation given by the teacher. Helping out also in other subjects if the students didn’t understand his homework. An excellent and dedicated teacher to us especially to the student. Thank you.

Puan Zeti

Alhamdulillah, my son got A for English subject and B for Science. Hazim was a bit devastated because he thought he could score A for Science. Nevertheless, I’m so grateful for him as previously, he hardly gets a C for the subject.

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