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SifuTutor Home Tuition is trusted by over 10,000 parents in Malaysia – for preschool, primary, secondary, STPM, IGCSE & university.


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Why Do Parents Choose SifuTutor?

SifuTutor is the largest private tutoring company in Malaysia. We’ve benefited approximately 10,000 parents and students throughout Malaysia since 2017.

9 Out of 10 Students Achieve Outstanding Results.

Our tutors have the expertise and experience in personal learning development. We are happy to help, even if it’s beyond the tutoring schedule.

Our system enables us to track tutors and students’ performance. Parents will their child’s performance report every 3 months as a reference.

All payments are directly paid to SifuTutor. Therefore, parents will not undergo any Arisk. Our mobile app ensures all classes run smoothly.

1-on-1 Home Tuition is Effective Compared to Others

SifuTutor has more than 5,000 trained and experienced tutors. Tutors are mostly teachers, professionals, masters and PhD students, and are carefully vetted.

The story of Puan Linda’s Child Got Left Behind in Learning.

Puan Linda is a very busy person and unable to give full attention to her child who is weak in Mathematics.

She decided to try SifuTutor’s 1-on-1 Home Tuition. As a result, her child’s achievement improved. From always getting D to getting C and finally scoring B for Mathematics in UPSR!

Success Stories.​

Don’t just trust our words, read our testimonials from the parents and students. We have over 700++ Google Reviews and 5/5 Facebook Reviews.

I like my son’s tutor. He is a very firm person and nice at the same time. My son had shown some improvement in his spelling. So thankful for the tutor.
My daughter had a full 4 sessions. So far she is able to understand and do her work with the tricks and tips shared by tutor Hafiz. Highly recommended!
Atika Lee
Anak saya Adlina dapat B untuk subjek matematik. Total 3A dan 3B. Terima kasih ya SIfuTutor ajar anak saya. Dulu memang subjek matematik Adlina selalu gagal.
Good communication between teacher and student. Helping out also in other subjects. An excellent and dedicated teacher to us especially to the student.
Dr. Azlina

Tutors Are Ready To Teach 24/7.

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Fee: RM50/hour
Fee: RM30/hour
Fee (SPM): RM60/hour
Fee (SPM): RM35/hour
Fee (IGCSE): RM70/hour
Fee (IGCSE): RM35/hour